Tam’s Story

Tam Jundi left Syria in 2017, after winning a full scholarship to attend Pearson College UWC, an international school in Victoria, BC. As he left Syria, bombs were falling. Graduating in 2019, he has postponed his own plans of further education to work and send survival money to his family. He qualified himself immediately to work with young children and has been working in Victoria in a community centre ever since. He is now a landed immigrant in Canada and has dedicated himself to rescuing his mother and sisters.

I am here alone. My family members are still in Lebanon, living as refugees. We lost our father due to a brain tumor in 2006 at an early age. I was eight years old, and my mother and three older sisters have been struggling since my dadโ€™s death to survive in a Middle Eastern society, especially when they are all female. Their situation deteriorated immensely since the war started in 2011.  For over 10 years now, each day passed not knowing when the next bomb would drop from the sky or when the next attack would happen on the city.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah, now 26, is the youngest of Tam’s sisters. She was only finally able to escape Syria in October 2022 and join her mum and sisters in Lebanon, where they are refugees.

Sarah, my youngest sister, is a bright, caring young lady. She has a degree in Biology. For more than 10 years, she has spent lots of her time during the war volunteering and working with international organizations to help assist children and women victims of war. She worked non-stop and risked her life to help others. She organized many workshops and programs concerned with mental health and post-trauma issues with adults and children during the deadly war days in Syria. Her only dream is for our family to stay together again without any worries and fears of losing each other. On October 5th, she reunited with the rest of the family in Lebanon after being a year and a half apart.

The sponsorship project

Tam’s mother and two older sisters have now been sponsored as Syrian refugees to come to Canada, thanks to the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria, a caring group of fundraising sponsors, and Tam’s own total determination and hard work. To bring Sarah as well, Tam has raised another $37,000 in November 2022, to meet Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s requirements.

Graduates and former teachers of Pearson College UWC have built this website and spearheaded last minute fundraising in the final weeks before the November 30th 2022 sponsorship deadline, with huge respect for all the sponsorship work for Tam’s family that has preceded this last appeal.