🍁 More about Tam’s sisters

Elsewhere on this website, you can read more about Tam’s sister, Sarah, who you are helping to sponsor to come to Canada as a Syrian refugee, and about Tam’s mum.

We thought you’d like to know more about Tam’s two other sisters, as they also sound like incredible people, and your help for this campaign is not just helping Sarah, but helping the whole family: to be together, to be safe.

Let’s let Tam describe his beloved sisters in his own words:

Dina, my eldest sister, has a degree in fine arts. She was to then study English and translation, but because of the war that destroyed the city of Homs in Syria, she was forced to stop her education. More than 10 years ago, she founded a volunteer foundation that worked in cooperation with international and local humanitarian organizations to help children and women victims of war. Dina is also an excellent actor and director and has presented many plays and short films that were aired internationally. Now, she is aiming to study art therapy through clowning in Lebanon but currently can’t afford to do so. She hopes to be a trainer in children’s theatre and to produce a book documenting the intangible heritage of human civilizations, such as music, song and dance.

Tam’s sister, Rita, is the next oldest. In Tam’s words:

Rita always supports the people around her. She is my partner in the suffering of war and fleeing from the bombs. During the months we lived without electricity or water, she was my partner in finding water for our family. Rita was able to finish her studies in mathematical statistics during the war. She was accepted to study for a master’s degree in statistical research and analysis, but she could not proceed due to the war. She has established training programs to train refugee children in mental arithmetic and its uses in their daily lives. Her dream is for our family to be together once again without any worries and fears of losing each other.

The life of an immigrant is never easy, but we’re confident that Tam’s family has the motivation, skills and commitment to settle into life in Canada and make wonderful contributions to society. Thank you SO much for your part in allowing them to be together.

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