🍁 Refugee life in Lebanon: Not a safe haven

Now in Lebanon. Tam’s mother and sisters have no formal status, and so may be deported at any time. They only have refugee status right now, and no work permits or guarantee to stay. They also have no access to healthcare; hence they are at great risk if any serious health problem arises.

The whole family is at risk because they are Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Struggling with its own social and economic challenges, Lebanon is estimated to be hosting some 1.5 million refugees from Syria. As often happens when too may desperate people are struggling for limited resources, this has fostered resentment, and the current Lebanese government appears to be enacting policies to make life difficult for Syrians and encourage them to leave.

These recent articles give a sense of current struggles for Syrians in Lebanon:

Tam’s mum has a health issue that needs weekly monitoring, but this is not possible right now. She doesn’t have the right medication or any medical follow-up. Tam is very concerned about her worsening condition while they are stuck in Lebanon. She continues to live daily with no doctor or any medical care access.

Tam’s eldest sister has a condition called Keratoconus and is currently facing the risk of blindness if she does not get proper medical attention and assessments. She also has no medical support.

Tam’s family all woman, without local support from friends or family, and have experienced harassment. Lacking income, they struggle to live only on what Tam is able to send them each month from Victoria. Food supplies are inadequate.

Housing and living conditions are very poor, with no furniture, no oven and no heat in winter. Internet access is limited, meaning contact with Tam is limited. Electricity is intermittent.

Tam writes:

"As you can see, each day, I wonder how they make it through the basic daily struggles and pray that they can hold onto the hope that they will soon be together and safe here with me. This is why I'm scared every day and rushing to help them to save their life and bring them safety. I'm their only hope."

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