🍁 About Tam’s mum

Tam writes:

“Mariam, is not just my mom; she is my superhero. Words cannot describe it. No matter how hard I try to reward her for her great sacrifices for me and my sisters, I will never be able to thank her enough and compensate her for everything she did for us.

She is a source of pride and honour for being the person I am today. Through her, I learned that nothing is impossible. My mother suffered a lot in her life, she worked two jobs in order to feed us after my father passed away. Yet, for more than 12 years, she has harnessed her health and strength to support us, support our dreams, and protect us from the brutal war.

Despite everything, she has always shown us that she is strong and resilient. There were times, however, when I saw the unbearable fear in her eyes.

Recently she became very interested in meditation and human energy. To heal herself because she has no access to any medical care while in Lebanon, and she needs regular checkups from a doctor for heart and thyroid issues she has.

My mother’s only wish is for her children to be together once again. Because we went through all these hardships in life together, she hopes it will finally end soon. Her dream for us is to live in safety and peace.”

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