Help us bring Tam’s youngest sister, Sarah, to safety in Canada with her family


We achieved what seemed like an impossible or at least a very difficult task: raising a not insubstantial amount of money to cover the requirements for sponsorship for Tam’s sister, Sarah, to come to Canada, in a very short period of time.

The road ahead is not yet smooth. Tam and his family may have to wait up to three years – the speed of bureaucracy – for permission for them to arrive in Canada, and Tam is still working hard, as the sole supporter of his family, who live in conditions that are modest and sometimes inadequate (and cold in winter). But for now, we can celebrate. 

Tam, his family and his supporters are overwhelmed with the generosity of so many people from all around the world. We’re grateful that you’ve taken the time to hear Tam’s story and then to help. You are all wonderful and appreciated. Stay tuned for a thankyou letter and we’ll also post more developments as they happen, like when Tam submits the applications packages and they are accepted!

Again, our thanks to you. 


You can read more about Tam and his family here. Refugee life in Lebanon is hard. They have no access to much-needed medical care, they have restricted access even to food, and they face daily persecution and harassment as Syrian refugees in Lebanon. However, they’re alive and together.

My dream is that we can all live together again as a family. In Canada my sisters will have the bright futures they deserve as intelligent and educated women.

Tam Jundi